They Banned My Hick Ass: RIP my super good Twitter account

Well, folks, it finally happened: My account (some_qualia) got suspended from Twitter for being mean to a racist. Edit, update: You can find me @mk_author! But the destruction of my author platform and its impact on me as an author is an ongoing problem, so this post will stay up.



I’ve met genuine friends on Twitter who I have no way of contacting now. I’ll miss them. On a more practical note, Twitter was my author platform. It was the way I made connections with other writers. It’s been vital to even getting this far, and it’s gone. I’m appealing the suspension, but my chances of success are slim.

In the meantime, I would really appreciate it if you’d let people know where to find me! I’m posting on Mastodon You can sign up for my newsletter here. Whenever I publish something, am a guest somewhere, or have a piece of very good writing news, I’ll keep you updated.

My agent (@erikhane on Twitter) is a very fun comrade and worth a follow. He will surely post any major writing news of mine (like deals, publication dates etc.). You can email me through my website here.

Despite this setback, good things are happening! My agent and I are gearing up to pitch my novel to publishers before the end of November. I have two short stories we’re sending around soon. I’m applying to the Michener Center here in Austin. You will hear from me, and it will be good news.

Be seeing you.

— M. K.

2 thoughts on “They Banned My Hick Ass: RIP my super good Twitter account

    • I’d be happy to send you a Mastodon invite to my instance if you want.

      Thing is, I wanna be there. I don’t have another means of meeting people and building a platform that size. This sucks a lot.


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