Published stories

‘Little White’, in The Coil from Alternating Current Press. A short memoir piece about disability and keeping birds, and living.

Grizzly, literary horror, published in C. M. Muller’s Nightscript Volume III. A girl fascinated by bears visits a remote island in Canada with her grandparents after being expelled from school for biting. Mentioned as a notable debut in Best Horror of the Year Volume 10‘s ‘2017: Summation’.

Guest Blog Posts

‘Full Circle’, where I reflect on my road to becoming an agented writer. I talk about mental illness, my relationship to writing and other writers, and share the first short story I ever wrote.

‘Manic Pixie Nothing’, about my frustrations with both how mentally ill women are portrayed and the general ignorance about the real oppression mentally ill women face.

‘Burying The Last Book’, about the pain of trunking a manuscript and starting a new one.

‘That Would Be Telling’, on why “show don’t tell” is not the best advice for me.


I post on Mastodon

I’m currently working on a literary novel, Real Person Fiction, set in online fandom in the aftermath of the 2016 election. I’m repped by literary agent Erik Hane of Red Sofa Literary, and we’ll be shopping it to editors shortly.