Good contracts make good neighbors

I start a lot of posts by saying publishing is a relationship industry. This time, I mean that it is, at its worst, a game of boundaries Calvinball that (as in all situations where the rules change on a whim) benefits the powerful. At some point in your career, you will make friends. That friendship will hopefully be rooted in a common set of  values. We don’t sign bad contracts, we don’t engage in anti-labor practices. But one day, despite this, you will be asked by professional contacts– your buddies!– to bend the rules, just this once. And because you trust them, because they can articulate why these practices are bad, maybe they know something you don’t. Maybe this one time will be fine.

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Mailing List: Interview with Nick Mamatas


Today, my mailing list will feature an interview with Nick Mamatas, the incredibly prolific writer of over 150 published short stories, dozens of articles, and several novels. He writes weird, smart genre fiction with broad influences (Lovecraft to noir to literary and experimental fiction). You’re missing out if you’ve not checked him out yet. His latest novel, Sabbath, is out today (you may also use the site of evil, if you must, to buy it). The publisher’s calling it Seven meets Highlander, so jump on that.

Book cover with a flaming sword with skulls on it, titled SABBATH

I asked Nick a little bit about the book, and how his politics and experience inform his reading and writing. Subscribe here so you’ll have the interview in your inbox within the hour! What an unmitigated treat! Alternatively, if it is already the future and you have missed this shining opportunity, do not fret. All is not lost: the subscriber greeting email will include a link to past letters.