New Article in The Bias

I released a new article in The Institute for Christian Socialism’s magazine The Bias called Moral Injury, Marxist Organizing, and Christian Grace. Moral injury is a fairly recent framework to describe the trauma particular to doing or being complicit to acts we know to be wrong.  I argue we, as Marxists (including the secular ones), will have to address that trauma in our organizing.

Whatever minimum wage job you work will be short-staffed, and the cost of short staffing is often life-altering injury. If you don’t work a minimum wage job, you buy coffee from someone who does. Capitalism is  ceaseless downward economic pressure, a boot on our necks. There are very few jobs aimed at minimizing harm within capitalism that don’t also serve to keep that harmful system from falling apart. We are forced by our personal limitations to betray and be betrayed and are sheared away from one another. To be a Marxist is to be aware of the inherent contradictions in capitalism, of the gap between workers and other workers, workers and management, workers and capital. That gap is an open wound; an injury.